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January/February 2002
- Boulder Camera (Feb 4) -
- Boulder Camera Guest Editorial (Feb 3) -
- Interviewed by the Daily Show from Comedy Central on January 15.  Aired Jan. 23.  Humor IS A PART of the solution!

October/November/December 2001
- Writers on the Range - High Country News - Michael Adams.htm
- Rocky Mountain News (Nov-27) -,1299,DRMN_15_889300,00.html
- Article in Colorado Springs Gazette (Nov) -
- My presentation to Boulder City Council Dec-4 - Dog Ban
- Abbreviated streaming video of the Dec-4th presentation (w/ audio glitches) You can scroll the video to 08:00.0 to go directly to my presentation..
- Boulder Daily Camera (Dec-5) -
- Boulder Weekly
(scroll down once you get to the site) (Dec-6)-
- Boulder Daily Camera (Dec-8) -
- Boulder Daily Camera Editorial (Dec-11) -

Ad Hominem ad Nauseam - When you can't attack the issue, attack the person.
Boulder Daily Camera Open Forum
(Dec-7)- - scroll down to "Feces", this is a vicious letter, can you say ad hominem?
Boulder Daily Camera Poo-litical Cartoon (Dec-8)- no link available at the Camera

The trial was July 18, 2001 - One case was dismissed and the jury found me NOT-guilty of Harassment on the other.

The harassment charge was as follows:
Mr. Murphy with the INTENT to harass, alarm or annoy, did follow in a public place.

My intent was that the person I followed, as well as the person I did not follow, receive a summons for dog off-leash.  I was always polite, never raised my voice, never used foul language and never impeded their travel. 
    Click here for the arrest article from Boulder Camera.
    Click here for the editorial comment from Boulder Camera.
    Click here for the article in the Rocky Mountain News.
    Click here for Reports to Police by Mirabile & Chanin. (1M Adobe pdf file)
    Be sure to read Chanin's report (second item in the file) then compare it to the Chanin Video below.

    Click below for Video of the actual events.
    Mz. Mirabile -  I regret that she was upset, but she broke the law, and I was always polite.
    Chanin Video use right click and save to download this higher quality .mpg file(7.6M). , or get a lower quality  streaming video by clicking here.   See his written report to the police in the file above and note the discrepancies.. 

    Click here for the Acquittal article from the Boulder Camera.
    Click here for the Acquittal article from the Rocky Mountain News.
    Click here for the Acquittal article from the Denver Post.
    Click here for my After-the-Trial Comments
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    Click here for Denver Post Editorial about Zealotry - However, I am not an hysterical zealot.

    Click here for Denver's Channel 7 Video, comments and survey.  You can vote and see how others feel about this.






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